Thank you to the OSC Investor Advisory Panel

The Federation thanks the OSC’s Investor Advisory Panel and their staff for the opportunity to participate in the Horizons Project. We look forward to continuing to provide perspective and insights on behalf of our national membership of MFDA Dealerships.

From the Initial Report:

Our goal in undertaking this “Horizon Project” is to advise the Commission on how it can best grapple with the challenges posed by these forces, and also how the Commission can promote change that may be beneficial for investor outcomes.

To increase our understanding, we have initiated discussions with individuals and institutions we identified as having key perspectives or insights in this area. To date, forty-seven individuals and delegations from investor advocacy groups, investment industry organizations, banks, asset managers, public policy agencies, the FinTech community and universities have met with us (see Appendix). We asked each invitee to identify potential emerging dangers for investors that regulators will need to anticipate and potential benefits that regulators should be careful not to impede.

If you would like to read more, please click for the initial report and executive summary

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