Financial consumers need advice more than ever. While a laser-like focus on fees has taken centre stage, the role of value has taken a back seat. Using insights from his doctoral research into the value of financial advice across delivery channels, Preet Banerjee will explain how the industry has faced existential crises before, how they adapted, and what the future looks like for prosperous clients. Combining his background in neuroscience and finance, Preet will examine the two other pillars of value that financial advice providers can deliver: behavioural management, and comprehensive wealth management.

Behaviour management starts with the premise that we are hard-wired to make bad decisions about money. Starting by examining the biological basis for this, strategies are then explained that improve the financial well-being of clients; strategies that advisors can utilize immediately, with demonstrable results.

Finally, and most importantly, Preet will discuss his research which looks at the measurement and value of comprehensive wealth management. Robo-advisors and automated investment portfolios purport to be low-cost, but when measured in the context of all aspects of personal wealth management, may look very expensive compared to a full service advisor who deals with insurance, estate planning, tax planning, and more.

There is real value in real advice.

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Time: 30 days
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