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Competitive pressures have slowly been taking the wind out of the independent dealer’s sails.  Those pressures have come from all sides and it’s been a concern in the industry for some time.  Those concerns are growing given the current regulatory consultations.  Regardless, it’s important for us to reverse the trend, rejuvenate independence and produce better outcomes for investors and dealers using leadership, technology, and innovation.  Let’s not lose this important aspect of the channel.

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Robert is a member of the senior management team at Agora Dealer Services Corp.  Agora is the leading cloud-based Wealth Management Dealer Service platform and an MFDA Carrying Dealer. Robert has been a board member, strategist and leader across numerous organizations ranging from global corporations to start ups.  As president and CEO across three technology and services companies in the financial services industry, Robert has been able to marry strong leadership, deep financial services knowledge and a love for technology to build, transform and enable diverse global teams. Robert now spends the majority of his time bringing that experience to early stage Canadian companies. He leads through a simple philosophy that can be explained in three words - passion, drive and caring. One must find a purpose that you care about, understand what success looks like, be driven to see it through with the passion to bring people together every step of the way.

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