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Welcome to the 10th Annual Conference & Education day, coinciding with the Federation’s 25th Anniversary.
We’re glad you are here, and hope you enjoy the presentations this year.

The format of the presentations is as follows: This website is to provide information on the sessions, presenters, and generous sponsors for our education day. The session video content will be presented starting on April 20th, at 8:30am to those who have registered. Please see the ‘Enroll’ or ‘Register’ links to purchase access.

After approximately a month, some of the content will become unavailable (Preet Banerjee’s Keynote, for example), and some of the other content will become available (for paid attendees only) on our website, which requires a free account to access.

Thank you, and on behalf of the many people involved in bringing this to you – We hope you enjoy!


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