2021 Conference Agenda

Paul Desmarais III – FUNDATA

Paul will bring his unique perspective to everything impacting the mutual fund channel which is pretty much everything. On top of his insights on the outlook for the advice channel, Paul will bring in aspects not discussed by others, for example, fintech and blockchain and their ongoing impact on advisors, dealers, the planning process of fintech.

Advisor & Investor Research – BROADRIDGE

These are the results of Broadridge’s research of Advisors and Investors across Canada and the US.
We’ll be exploring the fundamental changes to client relationships and business activity as they grapple with the lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Grant Vingoe, Chair and CEO of the Ontario Securities Commission – VIGILANT CS

This discussion is looking forward into the future of our industry, touching upon CFR’s and the future of Conduct, SRO’s, the regulation of mutual funds, and mutual fund issues generally.

Mental Health & the Financial Advice Relationship: Investors, Family & Financial Security II

More than ever before, it is important for advisors and planners to be educated in how the client’s mental health can impact the clients. More than 1 in 5 (7.5 million Canadians) live with a mental health problem – 85% of advisors spend more time with clients with mental health issues than with other clients. Bridgehouse has done a tremendous a mount of research in this area and has now updated the practical tools they provide to dealers and their advisors.

Restoring the Independent Advice Channel to Prominence – AGORA

Competitive pressures have slowly been taking the wind out of the independent dealer’s sails. Those pressures have come from all sides and it’s been a concern in the industry for some time. Those concerns are growing given the current regulatory consultations. Regardless, it’s important for us to reverse the trend, rejuvenate independence and produce better outcomes for investors and dealers using leadership, technology, and innovation.
Let’s not lose this important aspect of the channel.

Super Panel: ETF’s – Not Just for That ‘Other’ Channel Anymore

Canadian ETFs have now outsold mutual funds for the third straight year, with sales outpacing mutual funds by $13 billion as of Nov. 30, 2020. Last year was a record year for inflows into equity, commodity, and multi-asset ETFs, while fixed-income ETFs had their second-highest year of inflows. You can’t talk about the mutual fund channel without including ETFs and now that the proficiency, regulatory, compliance and technology issues are no longer, here’s how you get there.

Winning by a Seat – Building and Inspiring Advisory Teams

The most effective team training and coaching anticipates future skill deficiencies rather than just addressing current observed skill gaps. The very nature of the constantly evolving investment industry necessitates an approach to teams training that helps them in advance, to be well prepared for the ever-rising expectations of tomorrow’s diversified base of investors (by gender, age bracket, level of investable assets etc)

A Legal Panel of Current Mutual Fund Distribution Topics – INVESTORCOM

Nothing’s off the table with this panel and there’s no shortage of things to tackle; we’ll hear their perspectives
on the impact on the industry of the most common recurring MFDA investigations, the impact on dealers, advisors and clients as a result of client focused reforms, and more.

Navigating Investment Industry Trends – FIDELITY

This presentation covers the key trends driving the Canadian Investment industry and the potential impacts on advisors and investors.

Keynote: Preet Banerjee

Financial consumers need advice more than ever. While a laser-like focus on fees has taken centre stage, the role
of value has taken a back seat. Using insights from his doctoral research into the value of financial advice across delivery channels, Preet Banerjee will explain how the industry has faced existential crises before, how they adapted, and what the future looks like for prosperous clients. Combining his background in neuroscience and finance,

Preet will examine the two other pillars of value that financial advice providers can deliver: behavioural management, and comprehensive wealth management.


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